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Spring, summer and fall typically brings to many communities a variety of festivals, concerts and performances. However, the pandemic and slow rates of vaccination have meant many audiences find themselves worried about attending public events.

For a community radio station, which may rely on events for revenue, the online event space has emerged to bring live experiences into people’s homes. But how can a radio station with little knowledge on the subject, however, do virtual events successfully?

In a special March webinar, Claudio de los Rios of the platform Side Door introduces you to what you need to know on the technology side of online events, expectations to set with artists and venues, and pitfalls to avoid.

Join us Thursday, March 25, at 4 ET to talk strategies organizations like yours can use to approach online events. This webinar is available exclusively to NFCB member stations. If you would like to attend as a member station, please contact us. If your station is not yet a member of NFCB, you can join today.