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Program Description:

A weekly celebration of Alaska Native languages, especially the endangered Tlingit, Haida, and Ts’msyen.  Hear conversations, songs, stories, and more in indigenous languages without much translation. “Gunalchéesh” means “Thank You” in the Tlingit language. Broadcasted by K’yuuhlgáansii (“Place of One’s Own”, Haida) from KCAW Sitka, Alaska.

Program Time Length: 54 minutes

Day and Time Available to Stations: Wednesdays at 8:06 PM on KCAW Sitka and, Mondays at 1 PM on KSTK Wrangell and, Mondays at 3 PM on KTOO Juneau and, as well as Thursdays at 10:02 PM on KRBD Ketchikan and

Program Frequency: Weekly

Program Contains Explicit Language/Content: No

Program is Doing Music Reporting for Syndication: Yes

Program Has Underwriting Announcements: No

Program Contains Sponsorship/Donation Information or Request: No

Program Website Has Products/Services for Sale or Accepts Donations: No

Program Has Pledge Drive Editions or Pitches Available: No

Program Has Pledge Drive Premiums Available: No

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