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Giving Tuesday 2019 is almost here. Are you ready?

If your station does minimal or no direct mail, your online ask is it as far as fundraising goes. So, your website presentation has to look great and read exceptionally well to grab attention and dollars. More and more donors to nonprofits want to see how their money goes into service rather than operations costs. Sharing the story of a person impacted by a radio station training program, a musician whose career was shaped by a station, or a local issue changed by your station’s reporting are good examples of the effect you have.

If your station does direct mail, being precise pays dividends. Your station should focus on the impact of a donor’s support. In addition, with merge mail functions, your letter can reference past gifts and your target donor’s interests. Personalized letters and those aimed at your major givers, lapsed members and even non-donor prospects are other ways to generate the funds your community media organization needs.

No matter what time of the year, every station should stick to their best behavior in fundraising. These practices include offering multiple ways to give, offering insights on how donations are used, and following up with thank you letters/emails and updates throughout the year as a means of stewarding donors into future giving.

For more fundraising recommendations, member stations are encouraged to visit NFCB’s Solution Center. Stations that have not become NFCB members yet are encouraged to join today.