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If you are a station leader attending – or can’t make it – Regional Summits are an opportunity to invite your next generation to come with you, or in your place.

Facilitating training programs for community radio stations with veteran leaders is extremely costly and difficult. Regional Summits are an accessible and affordable way to help your key station people get the training and support they need.

Our summit agendas for Regional Summits in Grand Rapids and Charlottesville have been released.

Grand Rapids Agenda and Registration

Summit highlights include Neenah Ellis will show how content, engagement and revenue are interconnected at WYSO, a public radio station in a town of 3,000 people in southwest Ohio where she has been the manager for nine years; Julia Haslanger from Hearken shows how stations can better surface what your audience wants and needs, and then create and serve relevant content to those audiences; Michael Beach and John Groundwater of NPR will share their experiences helping stations in Puerto Rico return after the hurricane, and practices for managing before, during, and after a crisis; Joe Voss of Creative Many will share strategies and tactics for event-based work, and successes and struggles of working together to the mutual benefit of everyone involved; Greater Public’s Melanie Coulson talks about ways you can raise more revenue, connect in more meaningful ways with your existing donors, and reach out to acquire more; and, WYCE will show how it uses music programming in its organizational strategy.

Charlottesville Agenda and Registration

Our Charlottesville event remarkable speakers, including Palm Beach Post Digital Content Strategist Samantha Ragland, sharing how small organizations can tell digital stories with minimal staffing and budgets; Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, formerly of NPR’s Code Switch, talking creating conversations about equity with programming; Spinitron’s David DeKeyser, formerly of CMJ and Mute Records, exploring how your station can utilize your music programming and local connections to better engage the music industry and expand your audience; and Greater Public’s Melanie Coulson, supporting your revenue growth.

In addition, information about the Regional Summit in Santa Rosa is here. You can register for this limited-space event now here.

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