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In October 2022, President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn to fill the final vacant commissioner seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The seat has been empty since January 2021.

NFCB’s CEO, Sally Kane, has written a letter of support for the nomination of Gigi Sohn. Here’s what she wrote:

“Gigi Sohn must be confirmed to the fifth seat of the Federal Communications Commission without further delay. Ms. Sohn is arguably the most qualified person ever to be nominated to a seat on the FCC. Never before has a nominee for an FCC seat had so much bipartisan support.

Sohn has spent her life serving the public interest and has consistently worked to craft and adopt policies that ensure that everyone has affordable access to communications networks of every kind- broadcast, cable, and broadband.

NFCB has been serving the smallest public radio stations for over four decades. The decisions of the FCC have a huge impact on our service and our mission. We have 210 station members across the country, 65% of them are serving rural America. Gigi Sohn understands the issues and is fair-minded. She has worked across the aisle and with industry for over 30 years. She has already testified at two confirmation hearings.

Smear campaigns and dark money influence peddling have no place in this process and yet such influencers have placed a target on Gigi Sohn’s back. This is morally and ethically bankrupt behavior and we demand higher standards. Gigi Sohn will uphold higher standards as her track record and experience have proven.

Community broadcasters are serving the public in a rapidly changing environment that includes increased demands on their operations during disastrous weather-related events, increased societal violence, and rampant misinformation campaigns. Our country needs media that cares about public safety and is designed to serve the public interest – not exploit it.

Together, our broadcasters represent thousands of communities that do not have a voice in matters that affect their health and well-being. This dynamic makes our country less strong and undermines our democracy.

We know what kind of character Gigi Sohn has. We stand united in our unequivocal support for her nomination to the FCC. Let’s move forward and strengthen the FCC in its ability to serve the American people. That’s what is supposed to come first.”