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Elaine Appleton Grant is the CEO of Podcast Allies, a training, development and production company serving public media, NGOs, social impact organizations and higher education. She is the host and executive producer of the podcast Sound Judgment. A lifelong journalist, she worked for Boston’s WBUR, NH Public Radio and Colorado Public Radio. She wrote and produced Wondery’s hit show Business Wars Daily and wrote the Tulsa Race Massacre series for American History Tellers. Her TEDx talk about the Tulsa Race Massacre has been viewed close to a quarter of a million times. She has spoken for organizations ranging from Inbound and the Public Radio Program Directors Association (PRPD) to Women of Denver and the University of Colorado. 

Elaine speaks about strategic storytelling and podcasting for a variety of organizations from Inbound to PRPD. Her TEDx talk about understanding racism better through podcasting about the Tulsa Race Massacre has been viewed almost a quarter of a million times. 


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