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Discovering Music in a Multi-platform Digital World

By February 11, 2016August 12th, 2019Content

I just looked over the slides for NFCB’s upcoming webinar on Music Discovery on February 16th. The webinar will explore the unique advantages that community radio brings to the table in this essential endeavor.

Why essential?

  • Because music unifies more than it divides,
  • Because there is too much music out there for many listeners to sort through and keep up with,
  • Because commercial media has inadequate firewalls from monied music promotion interests that elevate a small selection of artists,
  • Because celebrating art and culture are part our public service as community broadcasters,
  • Because history, language, and literature are often preserved in music.

So often, the discussion in our industry about our collective commitment to localism is framed in the context of local journalism and news efforts. While the journalism side of our work is integral to serving our communities and preserving a free press, it needs to grow in a garden of diverse perspectives and diverse content forms. So many examples show us the interconnection between journalism and art – remember the song We Are the World? How about those Farm Aid gatherings that Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp started?

The term Music Discovery means different things to different people. Kyle Bylin, founder and editor of wrote an interesting article on the changing definition of Music Discovery. He writes, “Music discovery entails the process of searching for and sifting through new music — a dedicated and consuming journey that sometimes results in the uncovering of a hidden gem.” That’s only one perspective and clearly it is so much more than that.

In our quest for delivering a service that has deep value and helps us strengthen community life, the power of music must not be underestimated or ignored.


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