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Digital Literacy 101

By March 5, 2014September 20th, 2017Industry News

Our team here at NFCB created a flurry of ¬†email exchanges when we launched our new site and inadvertently killed off the NFCB listserve. As of today, the dust has settled and we think we have most of our members safely migrated to a new listserve. If you are reading this blog post and realizing that you are no longer getting the NFCB listserve, please let me know and I’ll see what I can figure out for you.

NFCB has actively promoted digital literacy and multi-platform fluency as a necessary and valuable tool for today’s community media environment. I came to this position with a desire to model the best practices we have promoted. Its been a tall order and a steep learning curve but one that, among other things, elevates my credibility among the younger set.

I have been pondering questions that relate to the plethora of new sites and aggregating projects that our system is cranking out. I wonder……how much are people digging into these sites? How do people generally use all this information? What kind of difference does it make in people’s lives? What are the leaps we are making with this capacity? What are the trade offs?

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