Désirée Bayonet

Program Director and Director of Training, WOWD-LP

Désirée Bayonet began her career in community media while serving in the Peace Corps. She hosted a weekly radio show on the local community radio station highlighting local health issues, American culture, and Peace Corps volunteer projects in the region. She gained notoriety across Senegal as the American on the radio who spoke Pulaar (badly).

Since the Peace Corps, Désirée has developed programming and resources for community media projects in Paris, France, and New York, and now the Washington, D.C. area. She also builds curriculum and curricular resources for digital media and technology-based courses and evaluates and aids in the implementation of educational technology.

Désirée is particularly interested in how audio stories can give voice to underrepresented communities. She co-founded audio storytelling collective, From Block2Block, in order to highlight these stories through non-traditional platforms – at rock concerts, cafés, street festivals, etc. She currently is the Program Director and Director of Training for WOWD-LP, a community radio station just outside of Washington, D.C.