Dennis Brunnenmeyer

Programmer, KVMR

Dennis is the host of Nevada City Limits, a popular folk/Americana music show he founded twenty years ago on community radio KVMR-FM (Nevada City, CA).

In the fall of 2008, Dennis attended the FAR-West regional Folk Alliance conference in Mesa, Arizona. At the request of the conference organizers, he hosted a breakout session of the 20 or so community and college radio broadcaster attendees. After a round of introductions, he challenged them to consider the likelihood that CDs would be obsolete in 10 years. Only a few seemed to take Dennis’ forecast seriously.

Upon returning home, Dennis immediately teamed up with a fellow broadcaster, John “Quincy” Adams, to initiate a project to create our own digital music library to supplement and eventually replace KVMR’s library of around 30,000 CDs.

During the 9 years since the beginning of this project, and now joined by KVMR’s Music Director Sean Dooley, Dennis and John have developed a well-documented process for creating an archive-quality digital music library. We continue to collaborate on this project by refining our guidelines for converting both new and existing CDs to digital albums.

A secondary goal of our project is to provide leadership by example within the music industry to influence the development of a universal, open-source standard for digital music distribution. Our vision is a solution that meets the needs of consumers and broadcasters as well as producers, engineers and audiophiles that require lossless, high-resolution “studio quality” material.

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics and a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Prior to retiring in 2006, he was the Vice President of Engineering at Aspectrics, Inc. Before that, he was the General Manager of the Professional Video Division of Grass Valley Group, a leading developer of television broadcast equipment for networks and professional applications. He currently serves as the founder and Director of Marketing of Fullfidelity Music®.