Covering Your Community (Intensive)

One of the most powerful services you can provide is the news that only people who live in the community would be able to gather and share. Your station is uniquely positioned for essential LOCAL and REGIONAL news that is COMMUNITY based!

But how do we make the rubber meet the road? How do we staff, produce, and sustain journalistic efforts? What makes a news service worth listening to and supporting? What is the ethical framework around community based reporting? What systems do you need to make reliable, accurate, and compelling local news? How can you engage your listeners in conversations that go beyond hearing the newscast?

Solutions Journalism Network to the rescue! Our Covering Your Community news intensive is designed to be relevant and meaningful for community broadcasters…you won’t have to translate the message…it’s for you.

This intensive will focus on what solution journalism is, and how to implement it in your community. This interactive intensive will help draw out the stories you’re working on or want to work on, the intractable stories you’re trying to tell, and the stories you have covered but need new angles. From learning from a team of professionals to talking through your challenges, this intensive will help you learn to do the best journalism you can.

Whether you have a robust newsroom going or are just stepping a toe into the world of local news, this intensive is for you. Join the SJN team that we are bringing in from NYC to get the practical advice, new ideas, and in depth experience you need to make your news rubber meet the road.

Just remember…it’s not a democracy without a free press and there has never been a more important time to rally around that than now.

Led by: Liza Gross, Carolyn Robinson, Leah ToddMikhael Simmonds

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