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What is the best way to manage your community media membership list?

Many community radio stations are trying to figure out how to handle their member database. How do you store and use this contact information correctly? What are the best software packages to help you manage your community radio donor list?

Before looking at cloud-based or other packages, assess what is you need for the next year or two. There are buy-the-software-once options, and cloud-based options. It really depends on what you need and can afford. Also, consider the features you want versus those you need right now. For example, you may want to be able to email everyone from your software, but may not need that immediately.

Other questions to think about include the cost for services, customer support and the availability of developers, as well as their costs, to help you if you get in a bind.

What sort of databases are available?

If you use Microsoft Access, there are templates for databases out there. This goes for QuickBase, FileMaker and open-source database products like LibreOffice and OpenOffice too. If you use Google Suite, there are also tools for member management you can buy; just search CRM when seeking products.

A few more packages include:

Here’s an interesting rundown of membership management plugins for WordPress, where you run your member database, emails, etc. out of your website backend.

NFCB provides to member stations tips from other stations via its network. If your station is not a member, you can join today.

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