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How can your station respond?

Environmental stresses are impacting states across the nation. Temperatures are soaring. Fires are raging in many regions. Hurricanes bear down on communities on the Gulf Coast and beyond.

But others threats are even more troubling. The one-year anniversary of deaths in Charlottesville underscores the surge in violence, mass shootings and more.

At September 20-22’s NFCB Regional Summit in Santa Rosa, attendees will participate in a special plenary on emergency preparedness. You’ll hear how stations in California are addressing the devastating wildfires in their state. It is a chance for you to learn how to be ready and stay ready if and when a catastrophe strikes your community.

You can register now for the Regional Summit here. In addition to the emergency preparedness plenary, we’ll take deep dives into content and fundraising. Come learn with community radio leaders like you in Santa Rosa.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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