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Non-commercial radio is in the news as many stations are going into pledge drive.

The day-to-day work of community radio is important for a city’s culture, arts, music and conversation. Whether it receives federal support via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting or not, virtually all community radio stations depend on listener donations to stay on the air.

As a local station jumps into spring fundraising, there are many reasons you should donate to keep your local community radio on the air. A few examples of what stations provide:

  1. Stations present learning opportunities for students and residents to pick up skills that can be applied to future employment, new careers and the community at large.
  2. Local arts and music are highlighted in a dynamic fashion, which in turn creates jobs, grows area businesses and lifts a town’s profile.
  3. City governance and civic life get a spotlight from community radio in a manner that gives residents a chance to understand their neighborhoods in richer and more informed ways.
  4. Stations provide emergency services in many areas, which means you get alerts, severe weather warnings and more where and when TV is unreliable or focused on other things when you need the information most.
  5. Community radio gives a city something to be proud of and excited by, because it’s a unique attraction for the area: local volunteers bringing their love of the region to life with fun programming, thoughtful discussions and a glimpse at the diversity of the area.

Community radio stations depend very much on the tax-deductible contributions listeners give to sustain them. Please consider supporting your local station today.

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