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Amanda Eichstaedt, station manager/executive director, KWMR

Why are you nominating this candidate for the NFCB board? “Amanda is a model NFCB member, a natural leader, and brings fresh, attainable, and forward looking ideas to the table that are grounded in NFCB’s mission and values.” (nominated by Julia Kumari Drapkin)

Serah Mead, station manager, KZMU

Why are you nominating this candidate for the NFCB board? “I can’t say enough about the talented, creative Serah Mead. At age 34, she already has a history of managing people in a variety of fields, including natural building, the arts, and of course, community radio. She’s a self-starter and a Change Leader certified through the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. Now two years into managing solar-powered KZMU Moab (, Serah served as the station’s Music Director for three years before that. She’s a skilled teacher, with a knack for how to deconstruct a situation in order to get at the heart of what’s going on. You may have attended her session at the 2019 NFCB conference called ‘Managing Amid Resistance and Conflict.’

“Moab has a population base of only 5,000, and, with current guidelines, KZMU does not have a large enough budget to receive a CSG. But under Serah’s leadership, KZMU has received other grants and secured multi-year commitments from major donors. 

“Last year she organized and hosted the Rocky Mountain Community Radio conference in Moab, with keynote speakers, guests, break outs, meals, a concert, and more. More than 50 community radio members from about 13 stations attended. A hard worker, she specializes in diplomacy, inclusivity, nonviolent communication and project management.

“Her sense of humor is worth mentioning, as well; with a friend, she hosts KZMU’s popular “advice” program, Take It or Leave It. Serah would add a unique point of view on the NFCB Board as well as a strong voice for community radio and for the good work NFCB is doing.” (nominated by Marty Durlin)

Becky Meiers, general manager, KCAW

Why should you be chosen for the board? “Media in the United States is at a turning point. I believe that community broadcasters keep at least some of the spectrum human and service-oriented at a time when it’s especially needed. I believe in the NFCB – from staff, to board, to member stations – and believe in the values that drive our collective structure and practice. Choose me for the NFCB board, and I will bring my expertise for sector analysis, strategy, and planning to strengthen our collective impact. There is a need and appetite for strong community media, and I will work to show that an investment in the NFCB is an investment in better, more equitable and accessible, information for all.”

Nathan Moore, general manager, WTJU

Why are you nominating this candidate for the NFCB board? “Nathan Moore is currently on the board and serves as the board treasurer. He is an important voice to have on the board for many reasons including his commitment to the organization’s values, his knowledge of station needs, and his contribution to keeping the organization financially strong.

“Nathan believes in the values of NFCB-localism, leadership, collective impact, equity, and inclusion. He champions the values and approaches board work with these core values in mind. But it’s not just NFCB where he embraces these values- it is in his work at WTJU as well.

“Another reason Moore is a great candidate is because he represents the stations. Nathan has been in the community radio ecosystem for a long time. He knows the challenges and joys of running a station. He brings that perspective and ensures that stations needs are being considered in strategic decisions.

“Lastly, Moore leads the finance committee for NFCB. He knows the organization’s history and has been a part of building it back up. It is imperative to have someone with knowledge of how finances work for an organization like NFCB because our structure is unique. Having Moore’s experience and knowledge in this area has been a huge help and support to the board and NFCB staff.

“Elect Nathan for another term to help keep the momentum going.” (nominated by Sonya Green)

Brett Ratliff, program director, WMMT

Why should you be chosen for the board? “I have over ten years of experience working in the non-profit sector, including the creation of one non-profit that I currently serve as President on the board of. I’m also currently a board member of Appalshop, Inc., the parent org of WMMT. I would like the opportunity to represent the network of rural and Appalachian members. Thank you.”

Kerry Semrad, general manager, KZUM

Why should you be chosen for the board? *I wholeheartedly believe that the NFCB is creating a more connected, innovative and informed industry. The opportunities that the NFCB provides for stations from every corner of this country are outstanding. The NFCB sets the tone that we all should be learning from each other. I would be honored to be an NFCB Board member. As a station manager that is working through CCI and now the DEI initiative, I would be able to speak on their effectiveness during crucial strategic planning and evaluation. Also, I believe that the secret ingredient to the viability of the NFCB is facilitating peer to peer learning. I would love to lend my time and energy behind that component, whether it’s representing the organization in various meetings or adding my name to the group of contacts that stations can call when they need an ear. Also, I am committed to the financial stability of this organization. I am honored to be currently serving on the NFCB Finance Committee and, should I not be elected, I will happily continue to do so.”