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96 years ago today, women gained the right to vote. Like equality, the ascension of women in non-commercial radio continues.

For your Friday and weekend listening and reading, here are a few selections on women, gender equality, leadership and public media and community radio:

Current: Public media women team up to tackle gender inequality in leadership

NPR: From Upspeak To Vocal Fry: Are We ‘Policing’ Young Women’s Voices?

Daily Dot: The war on female voices is just another way of telling women to shut up

Note to Self: 40 Female Podcast Hosts Who Deserve Your Ears

This American Life: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS

Riley Institute: Women in public media symposium

Current: A guide to organizations bringing diversity to public media

Association of Independents in Radio: Reading List: Who Run the World?

Have a wonderful Women’s Equality Day!

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