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If you are with a radio show or podcast, presence matters.

The 2019 Community Media Conference happens June 18-20 in San Diego. There, hundreds of station leaders, producers and volunteers will gather in the United States’ oldest and largest gathering for community radio. If you are trying to grow your radio show and presence, the 2019 conference is the place to be.

A community radio host/producer has no shortage of challenges when trying to get your show distributed. You can email dozens of program directors, general managers and programming committees with few replies. Calls may go unreturned. Social media messaging can be just as daunting.

What’s the secret? How do you get responses and new stations? It’s all about visibility. Keep in mind stations get hundreds of calls, email and social media messages every week. Seeing a name or knowing a face beyond the din is gold. This is why you should be part of the 2019 Community Media Conference.

Exhibiting at the conference is a great way to meet station managers, strike up conversations, exchange cards, hear what stations really want, and tell them what you offer. Clever exhibitors offer giveaways at their booths – from candy to swag – to beckon people by, or offer a giveaway for those who put their cards into a drawing. But no matter what you do, you are sure to get on a station’s radar, because they now associate a face with a name.

If exhibiting is prohibitive, though, sponsorship is a superb way of connecting. Why? Because stations now see your program’s name associated with the conference, your logo is prominently placed, and you again stand out from the pool of other shows just emailing, calling and messaging endlessly. Your show description and link are available to attendees as well. In addition, sponsorship may be the most cost-effective solution for your show.

Want more details? Get in touch about exhibit or sponsorship opportunities at the 2019 Community Media Conference.

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