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President Trump’s initial budget suggests an end to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Managers at NFCB member stations just received some background and orientation on issues. If you’re with a member station and managers didn’t get NFCB resources, please feel free to contact us.

Founded in 1978, NFCB was created “to advocate for and provide direct services to community broadcasters.” Through community broadcasting, content direct towards local audiences can be broadcast. As it doesn’t have the financial backing of commercial broadcasting or the government funding of public broadcasting, community broadcasting is important as a means of leveling the playing field for voices that are broadcast.

Following the election of Trump, the NFCB released a paper entitled “Community Radio’s New Horizon: Communicating Our Values in the Age of the Trump Administration.” The paper speaks as a guide for community broadcasters feeling uncertain in the wake of the election. It reaffirms the idea of the press as being “the Fourth Estate,” one that can keep the government in check as well how the novelty of community radio (anyone can be a broadcaster) is important for a varied discourse over the airwaves.

It is more important than ever for those involved with community radio to realize the power that they possess. For now, community broadcasters need to be steadfast and so all voices in communities may be heard.

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