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With the 2019 Community Media Conference on the horizon, there are many good reasons to come.

Some sessions of interest:

  • An audio production intensive. Join your colleagues and fellow producers for an extended (four-hour) intensive on creating immersive stories with sound. Award-winning journalist Dale Willman brings a wealth of production, journalism and visioning experience to the table for this hands-on session. He’ll work with you on the mechanics of preparing for an interview, the basics of making the recordings of the interview, and then the preparing of material for editing, and finally, editing. You’ll leave with a new toolbox of skills, trial access to Hindenburg software, and fresh knowledge from a distinguished journalist for creating strong programming.
  • A major gifts intensive. Every station, whether large or small, should be thinking about how to cultivate large contributions to meet essential revenue goals. This intensive will delve into the language of major giving, the development cycle and how major gifts work in your pipeline, and how to apply strategies you may already have in your annual giving efforts to a major giving program. You’ll learn about getting your staff, GM, and board on the fundraising page with you. And you’ll get to build a case for support and learn how to make the ask in a real-time exercise and practice opportunity. Join fundraising professional Gwen Colwell for this three-hour interactive session.
  • An intensive on human resources management. One of the most challenging areas for community radio stations is the matter of human resources. The cost of ineffective management of staff and volunteers can be tremendous: lost productivity, decreased donations, talented people departing for greener pastures, bad word of mouth and litigation are among the outcomes when relationships sour. In this intensive, attendees will learn about core practices for optimum human resource management, such as mediation and conflict resolution, safe/civil workplaces, individual evaluations and smart hiring. Along the way, Jeannie Smith will answer your most perplexing questions and guide you through solutions.
  • Building a successful underwriting program. Whether you have a new underwriting program, one that’s hit a plateau, or one that hasn’t quite gotten off the ground, this session will give you a comprehensive framework for optimizing a program at your station. You will learn how to audit your underwriting program, extract the data you need, and discover ways to assess what you find, so that you can ensure that your program realizes its potential. Join one of the best minds in underwriting as she coaches you through building up this revenue stream, while offering simple systems that aren’t expensive and help you with workflow. Attendees are encouraged to bring a list of your underwriters to use in this interactive session.
  • Database/member/volunteer management systems. Many stations tend to leave membership/donor database matters to development staff and fail to involve the rest of the organization in data management issues that impact everyone. Public media veteran Deanna Mackey will help you to examine a set of questions that your station needs to ask when choosing a database, ways to avoid overspending on the software and support, and scaling you should consider in setting the system up. Learn from an experienced colleague about how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that derail your best effort in tracking, managing and engaging your station’s members and donors.
  • Digital strategy for community radio. Building a digital workflow with your limited means is a challenge facing all of community radio. KUNC Digital Editor/Producer Ashley Jefcoat will show you her proven techniques for how to focus those efforts to make the most impact. From trends in social and digital media, to podcasting, smart speakers and apps, you’ll leave with actionable ideas and strategies to help you maximize your resources and get your digital game running like a top.

You can register to attend now here.

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