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NFCB hosts an upcoming webinar on building community radio news departments.

Audiences are hungrier than ever for local news coverage. As natural disasters impact cities nationwide, the importance of local reporting is only amplified. In response, many community radio stations are looking to get into journalism. Those doing it already want to make their work sustainable.

Join NFCB for a webinar on October 26 on building your community radio news department, training and ensuring quality work on a day-to-day basis. This webinar explores efforts by producers and stations to share stories with impact, and how it gets done.

Our speakers, KCSB News and Public Affairs Director Lisa Osborn and KCSB News founder Keith Rozendal, are seasoned media professionals who will share their own approaches to coverage, mentoring volunteer journalists, developing story ideas and keeping your coverage fresh and engaging. Their experiences as journalists include reporting from emergencies, integrating social media and connecting with local leaders to create engaging journalism.

The webinar is available to NFCB members. If your station is not a member, you can join today.

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