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2020’s pandemic is estimated to have had a $170 million-dollar impact on noncommercial media fiscal year. Small, rural and community radio stations’ finances will be most adversely affected. Our traditional support has been changed by COVID-19. Today, there are existential questions about what stations do, and how we represent ourselves into the post-COVID period.

How can and should community radio stations market themselves to their audiences in this post-COVID era? What strategies and issues should stations consider in their audience/donor relationships now? And how does business-as-usual change?

In NFCB’s July webinar, Mike Henry of Paragon Media Strategies offers his insights from 30+ years providing music, programming, branding and strategic advice for the most successful noncommercial media outlets and entertainment companies. He’s played a formative role in a variety of music and news formats, and has a formidable reputation as radio’s “idea guy,” pioneering many business models and innovations in our space.

If your station is looking for ways to change perceptions as well as your position in your community, this is a rare opportunity to learn about how a post-COVID-19 era can be a springboard to brighter futures.

This webinar is available as a service to NFCB member stations. If your station has not received an invitation yet, please contact us now to get one. If your station is not yet a member, you can join now.