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Name: Victor Palomino
Station/Affiliation: Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
Position: Public Affairs Director / Bilingual Reporter
Relevant Experience:

July 6, 2223
V i c t o r P a l o m i n o

I`m a nationalized immigrant from Colombia who found a passion for community radio in the United States. I was introduced to community radio in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the early 2000s when the rhetoric towards immigrants in the country was becoming more radical, anti-immigrant legislation was introduced, and discrimination and violence against Latinos grew nationwide.
During that time, I became an activist for immigrant rights through my work with local nonprofits, my art business and the local community radio stations. Radio became a vehicle to introduce Spanish language programming to communities that until then had been monolingual on the airwaves. It also became a safe space for representation and to create networks with local governments and institutions to think about our communities as multilingual and multicultural.
I’m fortunate to have found a career producing and managing radio. My radio journey has taken me to three states and four community radio stations where I have worked with incredible people and talents to create more spaces to share our languages and our cultures.
NFBC has been instrumental in my radio career. I use the organization for resources and information and it’s the place where I found the job opportunities that had taken me to where I’m now. NFBC is also my guide to the past, present and future of community radio and it would be a great opportunity to contribute back to the organization as a board member.
I’m self nominating to the NFBC board of directors because I want to continue sharing my experiences and ideas, and keep learning and growing in the magic medium of community radio.
I recognize that community radio still has work to do to accommodate more diverse voices and I believe my experience as an immigrant in this county and my radio journey can help the board to create new ways to remove barriers and continue growing community radio in our nation.
I have experience serving on nonprofit boards and city committees and I’m always an active voice at the table.
I’m currently the Public Affairs Director and Bilingual Reporter for KZYX, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting, in northern California where I’m helping a 34 year old institution move to their next chapter and continue growing their Spanish language content.
I hope you consider my nomination, should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Victor Palomino