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Stations nationwide have been assessed penalties by the FCC for underwriting language that crossed the line. But what is that line exactly when the regulations can seem so vague? What steps can a station take to ensure they are not one of the unlucky chosen few to face these penalties?

As part of its webinar series, NFCB’s March program will be focused on underwriting copy, best practices, as well as next practices for your community radio station.

During this webinar, participants will learn about underwriting copy – what makes a good spot and what makes a spot that is not permissible on the air. You’ll also learn simple ways to assess scripts your underwriters want, and how to make your underwriting consistent with what listeners expect. Join public media development veteran Beverly James as she takes you through the ins and outs of underwriting and related issues.

This webinar is available to NFCB member stations. If your station is not yet a member, you can join NFCB today.