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If your community radio station depends on underwriting, you may need to hire a station representative to help your organization maximize its opportunities. How do you find the right person and make an appropriate offer?

This kind of position in community radio and public radio is also known as an Underwriting Sales Representative. Your offer may include a base salary as well as commission structure. For the offer a community radio station may present to a job candidate, the rationale behind the employment terms should also be explained. Your station’s offer to a representative to sell station underwriting should take into account any relevant local employment laws and federal regulations.

If your station is searching for a sample of an offer letter for an underwriting Account Executive position, you have come to the right place. A letter template tailored for community radio is available in NFCB’s Solution Center. In the letter you are looking for, compensation is outlined, among other issues. Member stations can log in here. If your station is not a member, you can join now.