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Are you a one-person Underwriting Department? Possibly even a one-person Development
Department? Yours is a hard job and can be a lonely one. Cohort learning can be an incredibly helpful tool. Cohorts can help you build a network of peers, learn new skills, understand best practices, and be re-energized by simply having someone to talk to.

NFCB is pleased to announce a second year-long sales cohort, facilitated by Beverly James. Beverly
has a long history in public media and has worked as a Salesperson and Sales Manager at both large and small stations. She has been a Corporate Support Advisor for Greater Public for four years while running her own consulting business that focuses on smaller stations. Beverly has led sales training cohorts in her own consulting work and for Greater Public.

Having worked with NFCB stations over the past couple of years, Beverly recognizes the unique
challenges that single-person sales departments face. She also knows the power of honing sales skills so reps can present a professional face to the business and non-profit leaders in your community. This four-part cohort will include up to ten stations and include a mix of sales training and info sharing. Exact topics will be determined in part by the cohort but may include things like prospecting, breaking through to decision-makers, writing strong proposals, and learning how to ask for more money.

Cohort calls will take place on:

  • March 7
  • June 6
  • September 19
  • December 12

All calls will be at 2pm ET/1p CT/12p MT/11a PT.

This cohort training is subsidized by the NFCB and open to NFCB member stations. Cost for member stations is $250 for the year. Beverly will meet with all participants in advance of the start of the cohort to determine specific needs and get to know each participant. Each station will also receive a 1-hour one-on-one training/coaching session with Beverly.