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Téa Wimer joined Appalshop in 2021 as our WMMT Development Coordinator, and in February 2022, was selected as the General Manager for the tstation. Téa has a deep love and appreciation for community radio and its transformative and comforting powers. A paid summer gig at WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey led to a weekly show first as DJ Dewey and then as Peppermint Pig, and they spent more than two years at the station as Development & Business Director in an opportunity to truly be in the guts of community radio. Téa graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in Religious Studies from Princeton University, with special interests in gender/sexuality studies and ethnography. Their hobbies include graphic design, animation and indie comics, food everything, and being a good old-school pen pal. They live in Eastern Kentucky with their partner, Jamieson, brother Brendan, and two dogs, Ziggy and Jean Jacket.