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There are many good reasons to make the Community Media Conference in June.

The globe is changing. Together, station devotees are dedicated to making an impact for our communities, our volunteers, and our local partners through informed conversations, inclusive cultural exchanges and fresh perspectives on the trends in our world. The Community Media Conference is focused on building on our strengths, tackling our collective challenges from new angles, and tapping into your community’s potential like never before. Please review the conference agenda to see how speakers are helping you reimagine the future.

Take it from veteran community radio leader Mary Oishi, who recently shared her view on the importance of the conference as part of our February newsletter. “I used my vacation and paid my own transportation to be able to go. It’s that important. The camaraderie, the fresh ideas, the connections you make will refuel you for the rest of the year. It’s too easy to just keep your head down and plow by yourself or with the same few stalwarts. But it’s also hard to do that month after month, year after year without burning out or growing stale and stuck. Find a way. It will keep you sharp and energized and up to the task. Plus after hours it’s a big party! (And, as Emma Goldman said, ‘if I can’t dance, I won’t be in your revolution.’)”

You will learn how to engage your audiences around events, create better programming, connect with peers around common questions, and find vendors offering services your station needs to expand. You can register to attend now. In addition, you can reserve a room at the host hotel. With so much happening, you will want to be in the center of it all.

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