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How do you keep community radio volunteers and staff motivated and engaged? How do you handle the complexities of people in stressful times? And how do you manage your own energy levels given the news cycle and demands on stations?

This week, NFCB will continue its weekly calls for college radio, community radio, LPFM and local radio stations interested in discussing issues related to COVID-19. During each call, we discuss issues at stations and matters impacting all, such as the latest news.

This week, NFCB will add to this discussion some tips and guidance for leading your station through difficult times like today. Longtime mentor, coach and NFCB CEO Sally Kane offers her wealth of leadership and management knowledge to you and fields your questions on this multi-faceted subject.

These weekly calls are a member station benefit from NFCB. If your station is not already a member, you can join now. If you are with a member station, contact us to participate.