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Program Description:

State of Mind features intimate conversations about mental health and wellness with psychotherapist Debra Sloss. Guests share personal stories and hard-earned wisdom from their lived experience accompanied by expert guests sharing their professional knowledge on important mental health topics. Together we’ll explore the intricacies of being human and living well. Join us for new understandings, seeds of hope, and valuable resources. New episodes released the first Sunday of every month. Unique resource lists are posted in show notes for each episode and can be found at

Program Time Length: Older shows Up to 59:30, but all shows March 2023 and later are 58:00

Day and Time Available to Stations: The Friday before the 1st Sunday of every month by 5 pm

Program Frequency: Monthly

Program Contains Explicit Language/Content: No

Program is Doing Music Reporting for Syndication: No

Program Has Underwriting Announcements: No

Program Contains Sponsorship/Donation Information or Request: No

Program Website Has Products/Services for Sale or Accepts Donations: Yes

Program Has Pledge Drive Editions or Pitches Available: Yes

Program Has Pledge Drive Premiums Available: No

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