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KC Turner brings his deep knowledge and real-world experience navigating the music industry to our panel “The Role of Community Media in the Music Industry”.

Hailing from Columbia, Missouri and now residing in San Francisco, California, KC Turner keeps himself busy by running KC Turner Presents, through which he offers and promotes live music throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. He produces his own house concert series, presents/promotes shows at various highly-esteemed venues and helps build a vital connection between live music fans and the independent music scene.

In addition to all of that, he manages singer/songwriter Megan Slankard and also writes and performs his own songs. When producing his events, KC has one main goal in mind: To showcase great live music. He believes in the music he presents. Because he showcases only artists for whom he has the highest esteem, fans can trust that any “KC Turner Presents” show will be high in quality and well worth the ticket price. Concerts produced by KC Turner consistently sell out at respected San Francisco venues and living rooms…yes, living rooms!

Most people first hear of KC Turner through his House Concert series. At every show, he provides live music fans with a rare, intimate performance from one or more well-established artists, literally in someone’s living room or backyard.