Station Social Media Policy Template

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Station Social Media Policy Template

Every station should have a social media policy in place to provide guidelines and expectations for volunteers who are using social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, to promote their on-air shows or other involvement at the station.

The document, “Station Social Media Policy Template” (below), is designed to be downloaded and modified to fit your station’s particular requirements. Areas highlighted in yellow are designed for specific information to be added that replaces the highlighted words (additional notes or directions highlighted in yellow may be deleted). Additional modification in un-highlighted areas may be required, as per your station’s needs.

Additional tips on social media security are available here.

Download “Station Social Media Policy Template” TemplateStationSocialMediaPolicy.doc – Downloaded 18 times – 67 KB

This template is provided only as an example of a station’s Social Media Policy and is provided by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. The basis for this Policy template was generously provided by KUNM.

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