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Community radio can draw big support with some planning.

This time of the year, you are probably not thinking of Labor Day, much less Halloween or Thanksgiving. But Giving Tuesday, days after Black Friday, should be already on your radar.

Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest days all year for nonprofit donations, and your community radio station should be gearing up now to make a splash.

People don’t give to stations because they simply like it. They’re compelled to do it by knowing the importance of community radio in their lives. Giving Tuesday is an important moment to converse with your audience about your value. Your station can only benefit by planning now to make your case on and before Giving Tuesday.

A successful Giving Tuesday plan means your station sets an objective based on your needs, resources and expenses. You also want to use this time to tally up what works for you currently as your go-to strategy. In addition, you may want to choose some strategies you might just want to test out for Giving Tuesday 2017.

You will also want to consider if your Giving Tuesday effort is on its own or part of year-end giving endeavors you may already be working on. This is also a time you may want to partner with groups and businesses you already work with to cultivate matching funds and other techniques to drive interest.

The nationwide Giving Tuesday website is one of many resources available to you. NFCB members will be receiving further guidance too.

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