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Radio Revolution in South Sudan – an interview with Tom Livingston

By February 27, 2015August 12th, 2019

NFCB CEO Sally Kane interviewed Tom Livingston, Founder and CEO of Livingston Associates about his recent trip to South Sudan and his experience serving as an executive coach for four station leaders of flagship stations in South Sudan.

When asked about his takeaways, Tom had this to say:

“A couple of things that stand out are the critical nature of media, the critical nature of having local voices telling local stories, the personal courage that it takes for people to do that there. You know, they’re at risk. The Government is not necessarily friendly to media, and journalists, and reporters … One of the leaders of a community station was managing a station a year ago when the crisis broke out and it was overrun by the Government. The manager and all the staff had to take to the bush and survived, in the wild, for three months before they were located and brought back to Juba. You can’t have democracy without fair media and covering the community and having the community talk to itself.”

But, clearly, Tom had many more. Listen to the full interview (20 mins) for the complete story. It’s bound to inspire!


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