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If your community radio station uses WordPress, big shifts are here.

Gutenberg has been introduced as the new editing tool for your website’s posts. However, it is a central part of WordPress 5.0, the latest release.

What should your radio station know about this technological leap?

You can be proactive and try Gutenberg now. It is altogether different than the current editor, so you may want to try it out and understand its tools. The biggest difference is Blocks. Blocks allow you to insert, format and arrange your content. Here are some other key changes.

If your station uses lots of plugins, ensure they are compatible. All interfaces with your website should be checked, as the WordPress codebase is expected to evolve in upcoming releases.

There are 75 million websites using WordPress, comprising nearly 25 percent of all websites available. If your community radio station utilizes WordPress, it is advisable to get ready for forthcoming release now.

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