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We’re still ringing in the new year here at NFCB and we’re happy to announce our 2024 webinars and virtual events for member stations. Not a member, but like what you see? Click here to learn about how to join this unique national cohort.

Throughout 2023 we at NFCB listened closely to the topics that keeping coming up at the virtual water cooler – regional cohort structures, underwriting (again! still!), and of course politics. We’ve created a schedule with the goal of bringing our cohort together with industry experts and peers to share, learn, and strengthen stations.

In addition to these set sessions, we schedule pop-up webinars almost every month in an effort to cover critical topics as they arise – such as EAS requirements or changes, pledge drive tools, underwriting clinics, and more. We always announce these pop-ups through our wonderfully active listserv. Again – want to get in on the fun? Click here to join NFCB.