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NFCB is proud to honor community radio volunteers at our member stations with the annual Volunteer of the Year Award.

They keep the books, operate the board, answer phones during fundraisers, serve as receptionists, fix the equipment, enter the data, train other volunteers, promote the station, raise money, mail out pledge premiums, serve on the Board of Directors, sort the mail, build the website, compile community calendars, maintain the transmitter, organize station events, research news stories, serve on the Community Advisory Board, organize the music library, and much more.

This award recognizes a station volunteer who has provided extraordinary service over a significant period of time to the station and the community. The volunteer can work in any area of the station operations, administration, membership, training, engineering, programming, or in any other field. Preference is given to volunteers who work behind the scenes rather than on the air.

Submit your Volunteer of the Year nomination here.

Entering stations must be members of NFCB. Each volunteer must be nominated by a station manager. Stations may nominate more than one volunteer, but each nomination requires a separate entry.

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