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Program Description:

I’m Magnus Shaw, and I host a weekly radio show (NO MORE HEROES) which is popular, but I feel deserves a wider audience. 
Here’s a few details:
  • – Music format is alt.rock, vintage rock classics, and overlooked gems from the past. All linked with back stories, gig reviews and anecdotes. 
  • – 60 minutes duration per show, no advertising.
  • – 14 shows available right now, with a new one reliably added each week.
  • – Comes as a high quality MP3 on download or transfer.
  • – Professional, experienced presentation and clean audio.
  • – Would suit evenings or weekends, but not essential. 
  • – No time, location news or weather references, so can be broadcast anywhere in any time slot.
  • – Includes unique brand materials and bespoke audio idents. 
  • – Questions are welcome.
  • – Sample show:
Program Time Length: 60 minutes

Day and Time Available to Stations: Available every Sunday, but can be broadcast at any time.

Program Frequency: Weekly

Program Contains Explicit Language/Content: No

Program is Doing Music Reporting for Syndication: No

Program Has Underwriting Announcements: No

Program Contains Sponsorship/Donation Information or Request: No

Program Website Has Products/Services for Sale or Accepts Donations: No

Program Has Pledge Drive Editions or Pitches Available: No

Program Has Pledge Drive Premiums Available: No

RSS Feed for Stations:

Web download for stations:

PRX/PRSS Link for Stations:

Program Contact if Stations Have Questions: