NFCB’s Solution Center: Answers to Your Community Radio Questions

NFCB resources are available 24 hours a day on topics like compliance, underwriting, management and more.

NFCB’s Solution Center is our keyword rich tool aimed at helping community radio stations get answers to the common questions as well as the unusual ones facing community radio. Our answers are referenced with Federal Communications Commission regulations and attorneys to ensure stations get the best direction possible.

Questions that frequently come up for community media organizations include:

  • Is this underwriting language legal?
  • Can we list prices on the air?
  • What is the current case law on obscenity and indecency?
  • How does community radio compose a good public service announcement (PSA) policy?
  • What is the best community radio job description?

However, NFCB houses many more answers to complex community media queries.

The Solution Center is available in NFCB’s member area. If you’re not a member station, you have access to these resources when you join NFCB. If you’re with a member and need help, please contact NFCB.


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