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The National Federation of Community Broadcasters has teamed up with Pop Up Archive to make curating sound in America’s diverse communities accessible as never before.

Pop Up Archive’s simple, web-based sound management tools make audio searchable and accessible from anywhere, empowering media organizations and recorded sound archives to find, reuse and monetize audio data. Developed with PRX through the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Pop Up Archive is capable of ingesting large amounts of digital sound and providing automated transcripts, keyword extraction and robust indexing for powerful search and discovery.

For interested organizations, Pop Up Archive provides digital preservation of audio files through the Internet Archive, a nonprofit dedicated to providing access to digital cultural artifacts for researchers, historians, and scholars. By bringing together potential beneficiaries of speech-to-text software and addressing their needs simultaneously, Pop Up Archive can provide cutting edge speech recognition methods to organizations that would otherwise never benefit from such technology.

Pop Up Archive acts as a layer on top of existing content management systems and workflows, leveraging passive collection of audio files to integrate simply with existing systems. Archives and newsrooms alike are strengthened through the creation of a dynamic body of archival content that can be easily searched and accessed via an application programming interface (API). Pop Up Archive’s tools facilitate user engagement and make content discoverable to search engines across the web.

What We Do

The Pop Up Archive service includes:

  • Automatic transcription and keyword extraction: Access (full data set, audio/transcript download, and up to 5,000 API calls/day) to searchable audio with transcripts, tags, embeddable player.
  • Full team access to Pop Up Archive tools: Unlimited accounts for team access to Pop Up Archive transcript editing tools, audio organization/search interface, and embeddable interactive transcript player available via iFrame, javascript, or OEmbed. Includes user interface for adding, editing, and deleting material from Pop Up Archive.
  • Audio search consultation: Pop Up Archive staff help identify optimal workflow integration, audience engagement strategy, and other applications for the technology.
  • Digital preservation: Option to backup all audio files and metadata at the Internet Archive (, including rights information.
  • Premium customer service: Dedicated email/phone customer support with guaranteed responses within 24 hours.

Cost for one-time processing for NFCB member stations….………..………..……….$10/hr of audio

To take advantage of this opportunity or monthly enterprise plans at the same guaranteed hourly rate, contact

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