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We’re framing legal and broadcast issues with the rise of President Donald Trump.

In the months, since the election of President Trump, NFCB has received a range of questions from community radio stations. Some of the big issues have been:

  • How does community media respond effectively to what’s happening?
  • How does community radio handle a push for on- and off-air demands for greater political involvement?
  • What are some of the legal and practical consequences of such political advocacy?
  • How do we speak to listeners and stakeholders about the issues in a way that respects a diversity of opinions?

The issues before community media are delicate. To help, NFCB offers a new white paper to help community radio talk about the subjects on our collective minds, to help organizations get focused, and to help you understand the current climate.

Download the NFCB White Paper here (pdf)

Our white paper should be considered advice to stations seeking ways of addressing issues in the long term interests of community media. If organizations believe other approaches will yield better results and serve its listeners better, we look forward to observing such and celebrating the successes that come from it.