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NFCB is pleased to announce that a new underwriting guide is here.

The NFCB Practical Guide to Underwriting is a complete rewrite of our previous Underwriting Guide. It features updated content and approaches for how your station can execute on underwriting.

Among the innovations in the NFCB Practical Guide to Underwriting:

  • A language library of words and phrases to be aware of and what to avoid
  • How to talk with an underwriter about their needs and to overcome objections to legally compliant language
  • Updated guidance around CBD/marijuana/cannabis, lotteries, and other businesses
  • Templates of contemporary policies your station can use as a foundation for your underwriting program
  • Copy examples and tips on writing good underwriting copy
  • How to take on common questions and issues
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax – what it is, and how it relates to your station

Underwriting, one of the three main areas of revenue generation for stations, refers to a business or organization that helps to “underwrite” the cost of a noncommercial broadcaster’s programming. As we’re seeing from recent FCC decrees, underwriting language is a serious issue that can land a station in trouble if not done correctly. However, with broad rules, the nuances matter tremendously.

The NFCB Practical Guide to Underwriting is now posted in the Solution Center. Log in now, or let us know if you need help getting access.