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Net neutrality is one of the hottest debates in America, and community radio gets a crash course.

NFCB will host a webinar for member stations on the subject of net neutrality, currently receiving comments from the FCC. NFCB’s Ernesto Aguilar addressed the subject as well for Radio World. He wrote that streaming and technology are changing how listeners engage, and net neutrality is crucial to station survival. “[A]udiences across age, race, sex and class are moving online at a remarkably fast clip. Roughly three-quarters of Americans, Pew Research says, own a smartphone and have broadband internet access at home. The older adults many assume to be technology averse are adopting tools at unprecedented rates. The digital divide, while persistent, is shrinking for African-Americans and especially Latinos. Rural communities face major challenges in infrastructure. However, the internet and streaming content is the media world to which people have increasingly adapted.”

This webinar is available to NFCB member stations. If not a member, your station is encouraged to join today. In addition to webinars, a variety of resources, discounts and station services are available.


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