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Name: Nathan Moore
Station/Affiliation: WTJU
Position: General Manager
Relevant Experience:

I’m the General Manager of WTJU in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’ve served on the NFCB board since 2017 and I’d like to serve one more term.

I started my work in non-commercial radio 25 years ago at my college radio station, hosting rock, jazz, news, and public affairs shows. In 2004, I started working full-time in community radio as the News Coordinator at WORT (Madison, WI), and I’ve been plugged into NFCB since then.

I cut my teeth with mentors who rightly saw community radio as movement work. Our radio stations don’t exist just for airing good music and conversations. Rather, our stations are vehicles for community organizing. They exist to help build a better world.

And our world needs that today more than ever. Even as we all become more technologically connected, so many people remain socially atomized. Even as we’re surrounded by fire hoses of content, so many people suffer from loneliness.

Community radio, at its core, nourishes connection, understanding, belonging, and beauty. These are core human needs that feed healthy communities. Our community radio stations will remain relevant for years to come if we maintain focus on these core needs as we evolve and grow.

NFCB is in a transition period. We’re adapting our cohort learning programs and we will soon hire a new CEO. In the not-distant future, we’ll be due for a new strategic plan. I would very much like to continue lending my skills to this work.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for the extraordinary work you do in your communities.