Mike Savage

General Manager, WBAA

Mike Savage is the General Manager of WBAA at Purdue University. Mike is recognized as a leader in national public broadcasting circles. He advocates for federal and state funding, provides a national voice for needs and challenges of stations of all sizes and he consults with other stations on leadership, organizational efficiency and fiscal management.

As a member of the NPR Board of Directors, Mike is believed to be the only candidate to ever to be petitioned onto the ballot by his peers and elected to the board. Mike’s board responsibilities include being Vice Chair of the Distribution/Interconnect Committee. He also serves on the Membership Committee. Mike is also a board member of Public Radio in MidAmerica (PRIMA) and he was elected by his peers as the Radio Representative on the board of Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS). Mike is involved in several collaborative initiatives with Indiana stations including regional hosting, regional journalism and digital news.

With more than 24 years of experience at mostly public media stations in Georgia, Utah, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, Mike has been honored with dozens of journalism awards by the Society for Professional Journalists and Associated Press. Mike holds a BA and MA in Journalism. He and his wife and two children live in West Lafayette, Indiana.