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Name: Mark Sanford Gross
Station/Affiliation: KGUA-FM, 88.3 Gualala, Ca
Position: Founder KGUA Writers, Producer and Co-Host, Community Leadership Events and Appearances
Relevant Experience:

Self-Nomination for Board of Directors Seat

I am pleased to submit my self-nomination for a seat on NFCB’s Board of Directors. I believe that my extensive career in media, combined with my passion for community engagement and the results from projects, make me well-suited to serve in this capacity. Please find below a summary of my relevant experience and a vision statement outlining why I am eager to serve on NFCB’s board.

Relevant Experience:
Throughout my career, I have gained a breadth and depth of experience in media, audience engagement, and community building. Over the course of ten years, I served in sales management for ABC Radio, working across various formats. Additionally, I spent 28 years in sales management and brand ambassadorship for the esteemed Washington Post, working alongside historical media families such as The Grahams and legendary radio personalities at ABC Broadcasting. These experiences have provided me with invaluable insights into media operations, audience dynamics, and the importance of building relationships with collaborators.

Vision Statement:
I am driven by a passion and enthusiasm for media that is contagious to those around me. My goal is to foster two-way engagement between listeners and their communities, while also collaborating with like-minded individuals to explore new ways of doing things and implementing innovative ideas. I firmly believe that community radio stations have the potential to serve as powerful platforms for building vibrant and connected communities.

An example of my commitment to community engagement is the development of KGUA Writers, a program I initiated during the onset of the pandemic. KGUA Writers engaged community members to write spontaneously for a weekly show, providing a platform for individuals to connect and share stories when physical gatherings were not possible. Over the past three years, KGUA Writers has aired over 5000 original stories, written by community members, effectively extending our geographical borders. Our community has become known as “The Town That Started Writing.” This project is entirely voluntary, and I co-host the show each Monday alongside veteran broadcaster Peggy Berryhill.

Recently, I had the opportunity to present KGUA Writers at NFCB, where I witnessed the passion and enthusiasm for this type of programming. It reinforced my belief that engaging our audience locally and nationally, through their participation in programs like KGUA Writers, can bring a new dimension to community radio stations individually and collectively. My aspiration is to replicate this success and potentially initiate a project called Community Radio Writers. By bringing passion, ideas, and enthusiasm to the larger universe of community radio, we can create an exciting experience for the audience, radio stations, and the community at large.

Having listened to the voices of NFCB representatives and Sally Kane, and recognizing the need for more energy, new ideas, and a focus on our communities, I was compelled to self-nominate at the last minute. I believe that my skills, experience, and dedication align with NFCB’s mission, and I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors.

Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of NFCB.