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This week, NFCB hosts a webinar on management and leadership tools and techniques to keep employees and volunteers organized, supported and inspired when we are all working from home. 

Our speaker is Emma Carew Grovum.  Emma has built content management and storytelling tools, run newsroom operations, and managed the divide between editorial and tech for organizations like The Daily Beast, The New York Times Opinion, and Foreign Policy magazine. She coaches journalists from newsrooms large and small, across the country on topics such as leadership, membership, and product thinking. Emma has previously held nearly every kind of editorial role possible: researcher, reporter, social media editor, homepage manager, and assistant managing editor.

This webinar happens Wednesday, June 3, from 3-4 pm EST / 12-1 PST. Register free here to attend.

This webinar is part of a weekly series by the Center for Community Media at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY and NFCB. Get the complete schedule here.