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Today, NFCB hosts its unconference, Wish You Were Here, the virtual edition of our community media conference. We conclude this week with the following sessions.

Monday, July 19

Ask the Attorneys

This legal session takes on the ins and outs of community radio – from underwriting, to indecency, to other matters that stations face. Our panel of lawyers will offer an overview of the basics, a look at complicated questions, field real-life case studies. This session features an extended question-and-answer period to get your puzzles solved.

Tuesday, July 20

The FCC’s Upcoming Filing Window for Noncommercial FM and Low Power FM Frequencies

The FCC will accept applications for full-power noncommercial radio stations across the nation this year. Such a filing window is expected to be followed by the intake of license applications for new low-power FM (LPFM) stations, which last happened in 2013. What’s involved in getting an FCC license? What do you need to be aware of legally to be prepared? How can you get organized now for this rare opportunity? Join two of the nation’s top attorneys for an update on these issues and to answer your questions.
PUBLIC EVENT | Tuesday, July 20, at 2 ET | Register here

Wednesday, July 21

Keynote: Dave Isay and One Small Step

Dave Isay, founder and president of StoryCorps, is a public media icon. His latest initiative, One Small Step is aimed at tackling divides in our nation. Learn how StoryCorps is helping communities to counteract intensifying political divides and enabling those who disagree to listen to each other with respect. Dave Isay will be introduced by President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Patricia de Stacy Harrison.
PUBLIC EVENT | Wednesday, July 21, at 4 ET | Register here