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Meetups and more are happening at #NFCB19.

For four decades, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters has convened people like you to help with core performance at stations, offer compassionate and effective organizational models, explore best practices and next practices at all levels of station operations, and impart principles that distinguish local media impact. For generations, NFCB has brought together peers to learn together and make community radio the best it can be.

Several meetups are in the offing. So far, the following may be forthcoming:

  • Native Voice One affiliates
  • Pacifica affiliates
  • Those interested in youth radio/funding for youth radio
  • Megaseg users

If you are considering running for the NFCB board, we expect to make a moment of mic time for candidates. This is a great opportunity to connect with member stations.

The 2019 Community Media Conference is a place to give you a better sense of who we are, what we do, where we have been, and where we are going. From sessions on archiving to technology, morning programming to underwriting programs, event planning to music rights, the conference schedule offers something for every station. Solution Centers bring together staff and volunteers around particular disciplines to talk and strategize on common questions. Community Media Makeovers help you learn from stations re-envisioning the work they do.

We want you to join us. Register here to attend this year’s conference before the June 10 registration deadline.

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