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Name: Kelley Dole
Station/Affiliation: KBUT Community Radio Crested Butte, CO
Position: Program Director, DJ Coordinator, Local Affairs & Music Show Host, Producer
Relevant Experience:

I am the Program Director, DJ Coordinator, a music & community affairs show host, and feature producer for KBUT Community Radio in Crested Butte Colorado. I came to Crested Butte from New Hampshire after a 21-year career in wellness, fitness, school teaching grades K through College, and in later years of the journey I was hired to join a team that started a small community radio station in my home town under the umbrella of a larger, commercial radio company. In my third year of radio, I went to a bigger independent radio station in Vermont to be a show host where my radio health & fitness feature gained wide popularity across the state of Vermont.
My long career in Personal Training, community recreation, school teaching-education, and radio together provided me with the skills and passion to apply my leadership roles in community radio. During the past six years at KBUT, I have applied my combined experiences by creating youth programs for Community Radio in collaboration with our community school for grades 3-5, middle and high school.
As an educator, leader and coach it comes very easy to me to coordinate and design DJ Training programs for 50 plus volunteer DJs.
In 2018 I was elected to the Board of Directors for Rocky Mountain Community Radio (RMCR), a coalition of community radio stations across Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. For RMCR I served one year as Vice President and three years as President of RMCR until stepping down from the Executive Committee in November 2022.
I believe that local, community radio stations are voices for all people, conduits for social change, diversity, equity and inclusion. As we continue to face challenges in the larger media world, we have the abilities to illicit a sense of belonging for our communities through entertainment, education, honest and relevant information in a world where too many people feel disconnected from home, or disenchanted by false information and corruption.
I would be honored to levitate my professional experience as a NFCB Board Member to be a learner and a teacher. I envision showing community radio stations how to create their own state coalitions like Rocky Mountain Community Radio (RMCR) to share content and build one another up to serve our communities to optimal potential. I would like to lead by showing community radio stations how to create youth programming in collaboration with their local school systems that prove to effectively offer alternative education, life skills in public speaking, and media technology. Community Radio Youth Programs teach children about inherent values of their community radio stations while mentoring next generations of community media leaders.
I am passionate and experienced in corporate wellness, and would like to bring my experience creating healthy work places to a broader, national scope for community media organizations.
As a learner, I am honored to be present among so many colleagues who bring their own lifetimes and leadership gifts to their organizations. I want to learn more about how the NFCB serves its members across the country and about the future of community media. I want to preserve and continue to cultivate the joy, kindness, sense of home, and fun that community radio spreads at hyper-local levels so that we remain strong, impactful leaders in our collective missions on a macro-level.
To serve on the NFCB Board of Directors would be the greatest honor thus far of my career and service in community radio.
Thank you for your vote and confidence in me.
Kelley Dole, KBUT Community Radio