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How do media leaders tackles their own biases?

Our May webinar is entitled. “Addressing and Mitigating Implicit Bias.” It features Consuela “Sway” Steward of KPBS.

Consider this: Have you ever met a job candidate who had a great resume, the necessary level of experience, but then thought to yourself, “there’s just something about this person I don’t like”? Perhaps your implicit bias made the decision for you. As a consequence, you may have let the perfect applicant go onto the next best employer. Also known as unconscious bias or implicit social cognition, our implicit biases are the stereotypes or attitudes that affect our thoughts, actions, and decisions without our awareness. Today’s media leaders and HR professionals require a comprehensive understanding of the impact of implicit bias in our workplaces and must develop ways to mitigate and alleviate these biases as we prepare for the future of public media. This presentation covers the basics of why we have implicit biases, how they can impact our personnel and business decisions, and how individuals and organizations can diminish the negative impact of these biases.

Consuela “Sway” Steward is the training and employee engagement specialist at KPBS in San Diego. In her role, Consuela serves the station in its progress toward improving training and development, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion initiatives, among other projects. She has a passion for creating and implementing strategic solutions that promote an inclusive and productive work culture. Prior to this role, Consuela served as the station’s Executive Assistant for more than 7 years. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from San Diego State University and a professional certificate in human resource management from SDSU College of Extended Studies. Consuela is also a founding advisory council member of the Public Media Women in Leadership.

This May webinar is available to NFCB member stations. If you are interested in being part of NFCB, you can join today.

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